Our school’s founding principles

Takushoku University was founded in 1900 by Duke Katsura Taro as the Taiwanese Association School. The school was founded with the goal of producing graduates, or “salt of the earth", who could contribute to the development of Taiwan.

Continually working under the founding spirit of nurturing promising graduates equipped with a positive enterprising spirit, as well as a dignity and education worthy of the admiration of all people, the school has left large footprints as a pioneering international university with many graduates flourishing all over the world. In this era of increasing internationalization and globalization, political, economic and cultural activities expand beyond national borders. People live together with others who have lifestyles different than their own, which is more than simple international exchange. In other words, the world needs people who share a viewpoint built upon a common consciousness that human beings share one world. Our school song states that, “A person’s color and national borders, stand before me without prejudice.”

Takushoku University’s founding spirit has remained unchanged for more than 100 years and will continue foster true world citizens who contribute to Asia and the world.

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