2023 Distinctive Educational Activities ①:A spring extracurricular program was held.


On Thursday, June 1, Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program, held an extracurricular program at Tokyo Dome City Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and Tokyo Dome Amusement Park located in front of Korakuen Station, next to Myogadani Station where Bunkyo Campus is located. In the morning, Bekka students visited the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to learn about the history of baseball in Japan, including the gold medal for winning the World Baseball Classic in 2023. In the afternoon, they went to the attraction area and experienced a Japanese haunted house, roller coaster, and more. They were able to deepen exchanges not only with other Bekka students but also with Bekka Student Assistants.

[Bekka Student Assistants are Takushoku University undergraduate students who interact with Bekka students by assisting class teachers and Bekka students during class seminars and events held every Thursday. (Official volunteer activities of the Bekka, Takushoku University)]



Commemorative photo


Bekka students at the Tokyo Dome Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


Bekka students at
the Tokyo Dome Amusement Park

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