2022 Distinctive Educational Activities ③:Experiential Japanese cultural learning activities were conducted.


On Thursday 15 September, the Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program held a Japanese cultural experience learning activity, walking in the metropolitan Ueno Onshi Park and visiting the Tokyo National Museum. Each class travelled to Ueno, about 20 minutes by metropolitan bus from the nearest bus stop of the F building (Bunkyo Campus, Tokyo), where the Bekka is located. Strolling through Onshi Park, home to the statue of Takamori Saigo and the National Museum of Western Art (World Heritage Site), the Bekka students were introduced to Japanese history and culture at the Tokyo National Museum. They were able to further deepen exchanges not only with other international students, but also with their teachers and Bekka Student Assistants.

[Bekka Student Assistants are Takushoku University undergraduate students who interact with Bekka students by assisting class teachers and Bekka students during class seminars and events held every Thursday. (Official volunteer activities of the Bekka, Takushoku University)]


In front of the Tokyo National Museum


In front of the bronze statue of SAIGO Takamori


Bekka students observing the museum

※Masks were removed only for the commemorative photo to prevent corona infection.