2023 Distinctive Educational Activities ③:Experiential Japanese cultural learning activities were conducted.


On Tuesday, September 19, the Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program held a Japanese cultural experience learning activity, attending the tour of the House of Councillors, the National Diet Building of Japan. Bekka students gathered in four groups with their accompanying teachers and Bekka Student Assistants at the nearest station (Myogadani Station on the Marunouchi Line) to Building F (Bunkyo Campus, Tokyo), where the Bekka is located, and went in turn to Kokkai-gijidoumae Station (Marunouchi Line). Sitting down on Public Gallery inside of the Chamber, they listened to a detailed explanation from a guide with great interest, then went on a tour of historical buildings such as the Emperor's Room

[Bekka Student Assistants are Takushoku University undergraduate students who interact with Bekka students by assisting class teachers and Bekka students during class seminars and events held every Thursday. (Official volunteer activities of the Bekka, Takushoku University)]



In front of the National Diet Building, Group1


In front of the National Diet Building, Group2


In front of the National Diet Building, Group3


In front of the National Diet Building, Group4


A scene of the tour

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