【School of Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program】Many of our Bekka students passed the JLPT N1 in 2020.


【English】The 2020 JLPT was held only in the second session (December) because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students in the Bekka have passed N1 and will aim for higher levels in the future. The following are the stories of two students who received the Grand Prize and Excellence Prize in the "JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Achievement Awards" conducted by Bekka.


① N1合格者 ソミンサクさん [English / Korean] :


①【English】SEO MINSUK, passed N1:
(Korean, High school graduate (Korea)
→ Bekka (2 years) , Grand Prize winner of "JLPT Achievement Award"
→ Expected to enter the Faculty of Integrated Mathematics and Science, Meiji University in April 2021)

I studied in the Bekka for two years from the beginner class and passed N1. I think the most difficult part for me was the kanji. There are many ways to read a single kanji, so I had to memorize them all, and I studied the hardest. All the classes were good, but the class that left the biggest impression on me was the one where we had to make my own PPTs and present them in front of everyone. It was really hard to make, and I don't think I had much confidence even in Korean. However, receiving some instruction, I found more and more tips on how to make presentations and became better at it. I would like to thank my teacher for giving me a good experience. To tell the truth, passing N2 was an easy part for me, but it was extremely difficult for me to improve my ability from N2 to N1. Therefore, I watched Japanese anime and dramas to cool my head down. I was able to review what I had studied in N2 and even learn new words that would appear in N1. I really recommend this method of study as it allows me to learn more expressions commonly used by Japanese people. At the university I am going to, I will be studying mathematics and informatics. I believe that if I continue to work as hard as I have worked so far, I will definitely get good results.

①【Korean】N1합격 서민석:
(고등학교 졸업(한국)→별과(2년)・「JLPT 성적 우수자 표창」최우수상 수상→2021년 4월 메이지대학 종합수리학부, 입학예정)

별과에서 초급반부터 2년간 공부해, N1 합격을 했습니다. 저에게 있어서 일본어에서 제일 어려웠다고 생각했던 것은 한자였다고 생각합니다. 1개의 한자에 읽는 방법이 매우 많기 때문에, 그것들을 외우기 위해 정말 공부를 열심히 했습니다. 별과에서의 수업은 어떤 수업도 좋았지만, 제일 인상에 남는 수업은 각자 개인별로 PPT를 만들어 반 친구들과 선생님 앞에서 발표하는 것이었습니다. PPT 자체를 만드는 것도 매우 힘들었을뿐더러, 사실 한국어로 발표를 한다 해도 잘 해낼 자신이 없었습니다. 하지만, 점점 발표하는 것에 익숙해지고, 선생님도 잘 도와주셔서 일본어로 발표를 하는 데 능숙해지게 되었습니다. 이런 좋은 경험을 만들어주신 선생님께 매우 감사드립니다. 저 같은 경우, N2까지 실력을 쌓는 데는 무리가 없었으나, 그다음부터 실력을 쌓는 데 매우 힘들었었습니다. 그래서 그 당시, 머리도 식힐 겸 일본 애니와 드라마를 보았는데, N2에서 공부한 것들도 복습도 되고, N1에 나오는 단어까지 새롭게 공부가 되었습니다. 더불어, 일본인이 자주 사용하는 표현도 공부가 되었기 때문에 N1을 공부하고 있는 여러분께 매우 추천하고 싶은 공부 방법입니다. 제가 진학할 대학에서는 수학이랑 정보학을 중심적으로 공부할 것입니다. 지금까지 열심히 공부한 것처럼 지금부터도 열심히 하면 반드시 좋은 결과가 올 거라고 믿고 있습니다.


② N1合格者 リョウシンズイさん[English/Chinese]:


②【English】LIANG JINRUI, passed N1:
(Chinese, High school graduate (China)
→ Bekka (1.5 years), Excellence Prize winner of "JLPT Achievement Award"
→ Expected to enter the Faculty of Commerce, Takushoku University in April 2021(Recommended admission by the Bekka))

I started from the lowest beginner class and passed N1 after a year and a half of study in the Bekka. The most difficult subject for me is grammar, which I often cannot remember even if I really try. This year was different, but last year, we had a lot of events in the Bekka. I gained a lot of valuable experience from the events. All subjects are good for studying, but for me, "Extensive Reading" is the most useful subject. The most effective way to study is to take the classes and review them when you get home. If I have enough time, I collect idiomatic expressions from anime, useful in my daily life. If there is a subject that you just can't do well in, it's better to give up on it, and it's important to reinforce the subjects you are good at more. I'm glad that I passed N1 and that the past year and a half was not a waste of time. Now it is time for the real thing. After graduating from the Bekka program, I would like to improve in my selected field of study and also aim to be able to speak like a Japanese.

【Chinese】梁 津瑞 :
((中国高中毕业)→别科(1.5年)・「JLPT成绩优异者表彰」 获优秀奖→2021年4月准备进入拓殖大学商学部(别科推荐))

进入别科后从最初级的A班学习了1年半的时间考过了N1。 对于我来说最难的科目是语法,总是有认真记也记不住的情况发生。今年有些不一样,但是去年别科举办的多姿多彩的活动不光给我留下了很深的印象,还积累了很多宝贵的经验。虽然每个科目都很重要但是对我来说帮助最大的还要属多读这个科目。最好的学习办法是认真听讲认真复习,闲暇时间看看动漫在动漫里搜集一些日常生活中可能用到的词汇。如果遇到了无论怎么学也学不会的情况,我认为还是弃车保帅,把时间用到强化自己的优势科目上。N1合格以后我深感自己在别科的这一年半的时间没有白费,但是我认为更大的挑战还在后面,光满足于现状而止步不前是不行的。从别科毕业以后我要把大学的知识学习好在这基础上,向着能和日本人一样说话的目标进发。