【School of Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program】Career Paths of Bekka Graduates in 2020,Type 2: Graduate School Acceptance Stories


【English】The Bekka Department offers various subjects as preparatory education for students to carve out their desired career paths. For students who wish to enter graduate school, there is the "Graduate School Preparation" subject. The following are stories of two of our students who took this course and passed the entrance exams for graduate schools.


① チョソさん


①【English】CHU CHU
(Chinese, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduated (China) → Bekka (1.5 years) →Expected to enter Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University in April 2021

The most difficult part of the graduate school entrance exam was the research proposal, which is the most important part for the document selection and interview. For the N1 and TOEFL, I think if you get the minimum score of the school, you will be fine, but for the research proposal, there is no score, so I think it is better to do the best you can. When I first started, I was not sure what I should write. Fortunately, one of the courses in the Bekka is "Graduate School Admission," so thanks to the guidance of those teachers, I went step by step and finally completed it successfully. I think the most important thing in order to be accepted into a graduate school is to have a clear goal. I recommend that you make your goal of passing the exam concrete, such as what kind of research you will do and which school you will study at. I have grown quite a bit in the past year and a half. I have learned a lot in all of my classes. The one that left the biggest impression on me was the speech contest last December1). I was the MC for the first time and put my own effort into organizing the speech contest. Unlike weekday classes, speech contests allow us to use the knowledge we usually study in practice. In graduate school, I would like to research investment trusts and pensions. After completing the program, I would like to work at a financial institution or trust company.




② テイカキンさん


(Chinese, Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Graduated (China) → Bekka (2 years) →Expected to enter Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University in April 2021)

In the Bekka program, I started with the beginner class. The most difficult part of the graduate school entrance exam was the research proposal. You need to read a lot of papers and books and think deeply in order to deepen your awareness of problems. While I followed the advice of my seniors and professors and revised my research proposal many times, I almost got discouraged in the process. The teachers in the Bekka are very professional and serious. In classes, the teachers used games and other methods to motivate us and get us interested in the Japanese language. I was impressed by the "multiple reading" course. I think it is a very good way for beginners to learn Japanese to train their Japanese "sense of language" since they read books they like. The study method I recommend for Bekka students is to summarize well and review. Reading and memorizing books is a way of transferring other people's knowledge directly into your mind. Summarizing well makes it easier to put the content of the book into your mind, and reviewing makes it easier to retain what you have learned in your long-term memory. It is also important to talk in Japanese with friends from Bekka students whenever possible. In graduate school, I will study the identity of second-generation Chinese immigrants in Japan. After completing graduate school, I would like to support children in different cultures.





・一橋大学大学院[Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School]
・筑波大学大学院[University of Tsukuba, Graduate School]
・東京理科大学大学院[Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School]
・拓殖大学大学院[Takushoku University, Graduate School]