Three Malaysian high school students observed a Japanese class in Bekka.


On June 2, 2023, three Malaysian high school students, Shakir bin Md Sham Miri (MRSM Kuala Lipis High School, graduated in March 2023), Aliff Irfan bin Abd Latif (SM Sultan Abdul Halim High School, 1st year) and Abdul Majid bin Zaid Arafat (SMKA Putrajaya High School, 1st year) observed the JLPT N4 level class (taught by NAKANO Jiro, a specially-appointed lecturer of the Bekka). All three students with mixed histories of Japanese language study came to Japan with their parents with the hope of studying in Japan in the future. Takushoku University has long cooperated with Malaysian universities in their study abroad programs in Japan. Ms. Shazlinda Md Yusof (the president of Ichigo Service), who fortunately led the high school students this time, was once a student at the Japan Matriculation Center (JMC), where Professor Emeritus KOBAYASHI Takao, former Dean of the Bekka, was dispatched. The number of students from Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand has recently been increasing in the Bekka, but one from Malaysia is still limited. In addition, the number of Malaysian students enrolled at Takushoku University is not large, at around 20. We hope that this visit by the high school students will lead to an increase in the number of Malaysian students at the Bekka in the future.


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