"Extensive-Reading Class" is introduced on a NPO's blog.


One of the features of the Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program, is extensive-reading classes (105 minutes each). It is held once a week in all classes from beginner to advanced level in a dedicated classroom. Because of its advanced approach to multiple levels, some extensive-reading classes were introduced on the blog of "NPO TADOKU Supporters" which produces reading materials for multi-level Japanese language classes.

In the Bekka's extensive-reading classroom, there is a collection of more than 1,500 books including picture books, novels, comics, practical books, and photo collections, as well as reading materials for multi-level Japanese language reading as well as magazines about sports, fashion, and cooking and easy Japanese articles from the Internet. When it is time for class, students come to the extensive-reading classroom, choose their favorite books and magazines from the shelves, and start reading in their own style. There is no reading quota, but each student keeps a reading log, which is used to keep the students motivated to read and to consult with the teachers about what they have read. In the second half of the classes, students have a book talk time in which they share what they have read that day with their friends in small groups or in front of the class. At the end of the term, each student will have a project to create and present a creative work based on the Japanese language skills they have developed through reading and speaking during the semester.

Many students have commented that they have "gotten used to reading Japanese," "gained confidence in speaking in Japanese," and "enjoy being able to create and present their work freely. The Bekka Students are busy studying for entrance exams every day in order to advance to higher education or obtain qualifications, but extensive-reading classes seem to be a meaningful and enjoyable time in which they can learn with a high degree of freedom and autonomy.



Bekka students enjoying extensive-reading in the extensive-reading classroom


Bekka students happily explaining the contents they have read to each other

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