The "7th Japanese Language Education Workshop co-hosted by Naresuan University (Thailand)" was held


On Saturday, March 25, "the 7th Japanese Language Education Workshop" was held online jointly by Naresuan University in Thailand and Bekka, Intensive Japanese Language Program, of Takushoku University, where a specially-appointed lecturer, NAKANO Jiro, served as the instructor for the lecture and workshop. Training theme this year was "Pronunciation Practice Leading to Speech: Using Visual Information and Physical Exercise."

In the lecture in the first half of the course, Mr. Nakano introduced the VT Method (Verbo Tonal Method) to about 30 teachers from secondary schools and universities in Thailand, followed by "phrasing" (a teaching method to learn Japanese-like rhythm and intonation by creating phrases) and the use of OJAD (Online Japanese Accent Dictionary). In the workshop in the second half, teaching pronunciation using phrasing was held with the addition of about 60 third-year undergraduate students majoring in Japanese at Naresuan University. The seminar was observed by 15 members of Japanese language education faculty, including those from the Bekka, as well as graduate students from the Graduate School of Language Education of Takushoku University. During the introduction of the universities by both sides, which took place between the seminar and the workshop, Mr. PHILAVASTVANID USUALWON, a Thai student in the Bekka introduced in Thai the faculties and the attractiveness of the Bekka of Takushoku University. In the workshop, students were divided into groups of two or three students per teacher, and had the practical experience of writing a short "ideal 00" speech, phrasing it using OJAD, and being instructed on pronunciation. It was not an easy task to have students write a manuscript and practice pronunciation in a limited amount of time, but both teachers and students worked diligently and by the time of the final presentation, speeches with intonations typical of Japanese and enjoyable content were delivered one after the other. Many of the participating teachers commented, "I realized that phrasing is useful for teaching pronunciation to students," "I would definitely like to incorporate phrasing into my own classes," and "The students enjoyed participating. The workshop was very meaningful not only for brushing up Japanese language teachers in Thailand, but also for mutual exchange between Naresuan University and our university.




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